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TOEIC Test Center, Hamburg.

Official TOEIC test center Hamburg


TOEIC Exam and Preparation


Visit our TOEIC Test Center Online Preparation course for students sitting the TOEIC® Test


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Student registration and Prices


The OnlineEnglish preparation course for the TOEIC test is operated by qualified English language teachers and authorized TOEIC test administrators.


OnlineEnglish for all your TOEIC test preparation needs


Courses: TOEIC Listening & Reading Test, TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test and TOEIC 4 Skills Test


TOEIC Test preparation course by OnlineEnglish


Proven reliability. Online since 2005.

Administration area. Support & monitor your students directly.

Integrate to existing school platforms.

Use independently or as part of a TOEIC preparation class.

Use in blended learning classes.

Use to support homework tasks.

Support other courses.

With test simulators for the TOEIC L&R and S&W tests.

Maintain your image: Your own login and registration page.


Increase student intake.

Reach remote students.



OnlineEnglish Partner Recommendation


We have been working with OnlineEnglish since March 2008. The OnlineEnglish preparation courses for the TOEIC test are very popular and help us to sell more TOEIC exams. Sales of TOEIC exams have risen significantly since we starting selling these courses. I have looked at many online courses both for general English and specific English and have to say that the OnlineEnglish preparation course for the TOEIC test is one of the best I've come across. It's user-friendly and really helps candidates to increase their scores. I would recommend OnlineEnglish courses without hesitation. (Reference name given upon request)





Ideal for schools, universities, TOEIC test centers, and companies.


When your students need TOEIC test preparation training, we offer the OnlineEnglish preparation platform with a protected training administration area, which gives you full control over the training, monitoring and progress of your students.


OnlineEnglish can be available to your organisation and students in just a matter of a few days at NO COST. We can even offer solutions to link to existing platforms, almuni and systems, or we can offer OnlineEnglish for independent use complete with registration and login pages branded in your organisations colours and logo.



Entice students to your test center by offering TOEIC test sittings including an online preparation course for a single price.


Increase the number of test takers; many students can travel to a test center to do the TOEIC test however, are not close enough to attend a TOEIC preparation course. Offer them OnlineEnglish to prepare with the option of supporting them remotely. The students can then sit the TOEIC at your center.


Maybe you do not want to become involved in language teaching or preparation however, require a TOEIC test score for entrance into courses such as MBA ...etc. You can use the Onlineenglish preparation course to support your students in their TOEIC preparation training as the system is completely interactive. In doing so, you can increase student intake for other courses.


Become a partner and distribute the OnlineEnglish preparation courses.



Prices are completely negotiable. Generally 50% lower than the prices shown on our main website however, we will strive to meet your requirements. There are many options for pricing, from a monthly set fee for all your students, to a fee per student, or simply monthly billing to the amount of students registering for membership. Our door is open to discuss any requirement you feel you might have, no obligation at all.


Try OnlineEnglish :

Would you like to try OnlineEnglish? Simply contact us and ask for a guest membership. This offer is open only to legitimate organizations and we reserve the right to check validity of your request.



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